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Half Silk Birthdays

Happy Birthday to my mom! This was the birthday cake I made for her. I baked it from a mix, made the icing from scratch, and decorated it with strawberries with the help of Jupiter. Her birthday was actually a while … Continue reading

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Happy Pie Day!

Happy Pie Day! It’s actually Pi (π) Day because it’s 3/14, which is the beginning of the number pi. However, I decided to make it Pie Day here on the blog, with a blueberry pie with whipped cream! Yum! (It … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day Dessert

More late pictures. These were butter cookies and red velvet cupcakes from Valentine’s Day.

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Shanashe and Fruit-Thing

A couple weeks ago, Jupiter & I made dessert for our parents. Jupiter made a “shanashe” which is kinda like fondue where you dip stuff, with bananas, pb&j, and KitKats. I made a fruit thing with strawberry sorbet, bananas, and … Continue reading

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Fishy Cupcakes

I’ve been busy with homework lately and now I’ve got a chance to put these pictures up! I did cupcakes from the book Hello, Cupcake! that were fishbowl cupcakes. Ta-da! We did make some changes from the book. The book … Continue reading

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Year of the Bunny Box Part 2

Happy Chinese New Year! On the right is a pomelo surrounded by oranges, which are good luck, a vase of fake flowers, and a bowl of candy. Serving sweets is a tradition during Chinese New Year. Oh, and there’s my … Continue reading

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Double-Double Yolks

I was cracking eggs for fried rice and in the first egg were two yolks! Twins! In the second egg, another two yolks! Two sets of twins! It was really cool, but the other two eggs were just single yolks. … Continue reading

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