Half Silk Birthdays


Happy Birthday to my mom! This was the birthday cake I made for her. I baked it from a mix, made the icing from scratch, and decorated it with strawberries with the help of Jupiter. Her birthday was actually a while ago, in July, but we can still celebrate! She was saying that we could celebrate all year! I’m fine with that, more birthdays, more birthday cake! (The cake is my favorite part of birthdays!)

My mom has some crazy dreams, and in one, my dad said to her that I wanted her to know that it was my half silk birthday. We weren’t sure what that was, but she had the dream 16 days after my birthday. So a Half Silk is 16 days after your birthday, and a Full Silk is 32 days after. Technically, the silk birthdays can keep on going, but we stop it at full silk.

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6 Responses to Half Silk Birthdays

  1. Raymond Yu says:

    The cake is looking back at me with those alien strawberry eyeballs.

    The silk birthday is followed by the lace, ivory, crystal, china, silver, pearl, coral, ruby, sapphire, gold, emerald, and diamond birthdays. So, you have many more cakes coming!

    • Ha! Yeah, we had a lot of chocolate frosting left, so we just plopped it on top. We still had some left, so I ate the frosting. My only question is why all of those materials? I understand the lace and ivory, cuz they’re fabric.

      • Raymond Yu says:

        If you look up anniversary gifts, you’ll see where all that comes from. You’ve probably already heard about silver anniversary (25 years) and golden anniversary (50 years). The others are for the years in between and beyond.

      • Oh. I just checked a list and silk is for 12th anniversary gifts.

  2. 8noodles says:

    Happy belated half silk. The cake looks yummy. I like the way you used strawberries to spell happy b-day. Keep baking!

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