Hat Day!


Happy Hat Day! Last Wednesday it was Hat Day at my camp. You make a hat and then by group, a winner (or 2 or 3) gets chosen. The winner gets eternal glory and… SKITTLES!!! I didn’t win, but everyone thinks I should’ve. I bought a pack anyways. ;) I called it: Wok Star! It’s cuz it’s a wok. And I made stir-fry out of Play-Doh!

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6 Responses to Hat Day!

  1. Susan Song says:

    Not only is your hat a great result of thoughtful execution, it is a very creative and inspired choice. That in itself should make you feel proud. Sometimes it’s not about winning but about the journey and sense of achievement you feel. Congratulations!

  2. 8noodles says:

    I think it’s a fantastic looking hat. Stir-fry looks real too. I can’t imagine who came in first.

    • Thanks! There were two people that won: one was a “Save Our Seas” hat with a stuffed animal penguin with a soda ring plastic around it’s neck (sad, but with a good message) . The other hat was a pond hat. I still think I should’ve won.

  3. jupitercity says:

    Nice wok! Looks tasty!

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