The Lorax


When we were in Orlando, we went to Universal Studios Islands of Adventure. That was where the Harry Potter world was. But right before that, was Seuss Landing, where everything rhymed and was colorful and was really fun even though it’s meant for little kids. And there was this little section called “The Street of the Lifted Lorax” and it told parts of the story of The Lorax.

Then I read the story and it’s about a person called the Once-ler who cut down Truffula trees and used them to make Thneeds (something that looks like a Snuggie). Then the Lorax kept on protesting him and eventually, it got so bad, the Lorax left.  Then the Once-ler (who is telling the story to a little boy), gives him the last Truffula seed and tells him to re-plant it “so the Lorax and all of his friends may come back.”

It is a very environmental story (and I’m in my school’s Environmental Club) and of course, it all rhymes!

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16 Responses to The Lorax

  1. jupitercity says:

    I am the Lorax, I speak for the trees. I speak for the trees fo the trees have no tounges and I’m telling you sir and the top of my lungs, GET OFF MY LAWN please.

  2. Fladora Felingburg says:

    ………..wht is a loraxx?

  3. Thatgirl says:

    I love the Lorax and the message of the story. Seuss is great!

  4. lnoblefriend says:

    Bunny Queen – You have renewed my interest in Dr. Seuss! Thank you for bringing the Lorax to my attention. Dr. Seuss’ early stories were very simple and just entertaining (without messages) like “Cat in the Hat” and “Green Eggs and Ham”) Note: I haven’t read “Too Many Daves”, but LOL – I imagine you can find lessons in even simple stories!

    Anyway, I think Dr. Seuss was observant and felt strongly about certain things – and at some point decided to express his thoughts and beliefs through his work – adding additional meaning to his creativity!

    Am happy to hear you are a champion of our environment Bunny Queen! And appreciate you sharing the things that resonate with you, with us.

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