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The Chick Is Open!

A lot of you wanted to see the chick ornament open, and here it is! It’s kinda late, though. Well, TA-DA! Advertisements

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And The Winner is…

Now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! The winner for the contest! Our first prize winner is… Jupiter, who submitted Quablo! Our second prize winner is… Raymond Yu, who submitted Friday! That will be Quablo’s middle name! Our third … Continue reading

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Fishy Cupcakes

I’ve been busy with homework lately and now I’ve got a chance to put these pictures up! I did cupcakes from the book Hello, Cupcake! that were fishbowl cupcakes. Ta-da! We did make some changes from the book. The book … Continue reading

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Year of the Bunny Box Part 2

Happy Chinese New Year! On the right is a pomelo surrounded by oranges, which are good luck, a vase of fake flowers, and a bowl of candy. Serving sweets is a tradition during Chinese New Year. Oh, and there’s my … Continue reading

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Stuffed Animal Sunday: The Year of The Bunny Box

It’s late, but Happy Chinese New Year! I’m celebrating with two posts, this being part one. Here, we have Trix (who I got for Christmas), Posy (who I got for a birthday), Daisy (who I got as a prize from … Continue reading

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Arrowhead Necklace

Jupiter and I went to this Native American museum and he got a small bag of arrowheads. We each took a black one (obsidian) and turned them into necklaces!

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