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Mellow Yellow Monday: Heart-Shaped Potato Chip

Cool, right!?! I was just eating some Lays chips and found it! I still have it in a plastic bag. Should I eat, or sell it on Ebay? I heard someone sold a Cheeto that looked like Michael Jackson moon-walking! … Continue reading

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Barbies of the Runway

Guess what I did? I made a doll dress out of rose petals & tape! It’s so cool!!! Even though you can see the tape! It’s the kind of thing they would do on Project Runway… HEY HEIDI KLUM! USE THIS CHALLENGE!! … Continue reading

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Gleekin’ Out

Recently, my mom & I got hooked to the tv show Glee, and now I’m a Gleek! I’m sure a lot of you have seen it, or is hooked. My mom & I saw the whole 1st season in, hmm, … Continue reading

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