Duct Tape Trends

Hey people who surf the web! Now, duct tape is a very popular craze when it comes to bags, wallets, even clothes! But now there’s… wait.. COLORED DUCT TAPE! My favorite’s are the purple, lime green, tye-dye, & the shiny, mirrorish-like silver. I will attempt, remember, ATTEMPT making a piece of duct tape… something!

Up above are two pictures of my brother N’s Robo-Sapien all decorated in colored duct tape. Yes, I did that. Well, some.

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11 Responses to Duct Tape Trends

  1. Raymond Yu says:

    Cool colors, but Robo-Sapien doesn’t look very pleased with his new attire.

  2. No, he is. I need to add more silver duct tape to make him SHINY!!! When he dances, we do it in the dark with flashlights. Small light show. :)

  3. cookiemonstah says:

    DUCT TAPE? DUCT TAPE? rlly? lol. post more about DESSERT! lol, i love SUGAR!!! sugar rush…

  4. cookiemonstah says:

    oh and, cant u just color regular silver duct tape?

  5. Tim Spicer says:

    The colored duct tape is so great for crafts. Have you seen the duct tape prom dresses high school students have made from it? Those are some pretty creative kids. I love that robot you made – very cool!

  6. Oh yeah I’ve seen those! They’re really cool! I think this brand of duct tape holds a duct tape prom dress contest. Glad you commented Tim!

  7. Garrick Underhill says:

    Go duct tape!
    Check out more duct tape stuff!


  8. CallieLove says:


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