Donuts With Dad

Happy Father’s Day even though it was yesterday! I gave my dad a shot-glass I made out of clay. It was originally a cup, but in shrunk in the kiln. :(. I visited my grandparents & most of the family was there. Before that, we went to buy some new Crocs, & bought donuts at the Donut Pub. We mainly played free-for-all volley ball, all six of us cousins, and things got pretty rough. Tell me what your favorite donut is, & where you go for them!

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6 Responses to Donuts With Dad

  1. earthtoholly says:

    It sounds like everyone had a great day. Wow. Crocs and donuts in the same day…what’s not to like?!

    My favorite donut is the chocolate-topped Holland creme from Krispy Kreme. Mmmm…

    • Yup, great day! My old Crocs (two years old,) didn’t fit anymore (suprise, suprise.) Never had that, but sound good. I like the old-fashioned chocolate, ya know, the kind where it’s a chocolate dough with plain glaze? Yum. At the Donut Pub, there was a red velvet donut, but it was just a plain glaze dyed red. Still good, though.

  2. Raymond Yu says:

    My favorite is definitely fresh, warm glazed donuts from Krispy Kreme!

  3. cookiemonstah says:

    I LOVE DOUGHNUT PLANT’S DONUTS! THEY R AMAZING! and yeah, tht day was awesome. lol, i think chris and erin were the best. ;)

  4. Fladora Felingburg says:

    I also love red velvet donuts from Peter pans bakery. ahmazing!

  5. CallieLove says:

    I like GLAZED donuts!!!!!!!!!!!

    America Runs on Dunkin!

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